What Does Being Powerless Over Drugs Feel Like?

Even though it is the thing that causes most of the unmanageability, alcohol, and drugs are our only relief. Usually, in this case, alcohol or addiction recovery is needed. If you have it, then your mind is going to trick you to think you can control and enjoy your drinking like a normal person. However, admitting you are powerless when it comes to overcoming your addiction does not mean you have lost your innate power in all things. Rather, it meant that you’ve exhausted the options immediately available to you, and are in need of some new strategies. At The Kimberly Center, we know that acknowledging powerlessness isn’t easy, but we want to help simplify the recovery process. Call us now at KCENTER so that we can help you tackle the first steps of your recovery.

Is powerlessness a spiritual principle?

Powerlessness is a Spiritual Principle, too! It means when an addict or alcoholic puts a drug or drink in their body, they are no longer in control or in charge. The disease is making the decisions for them. Admitting powerlessness is a good thing!

But I am powerless over drugs and alcohol when I put them in my body. We sometimes feel as if we are the victim and point fingers at other people or situations. This kind of thinking prevents us from looking at our powerlessness.

What Are the 12 Steps of Recovery?

This craving doesn’t always occur, which is why some alcoholics can, on occasion, drink like normal people. This program is focused on helping people overcome addictions by focusing on their values and integrity rather than embracing a higher power. It encourages members to make sobriety the top priority in their life and take whatever steps they need to stay on the path to recovery. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable. The 12 steps are also used in recovery programs for addictions other than alcohol. Once you make that admission, you have taken the first and most important step on the road to recovery. With the help and support of the right drug and alcohol rehab program, you have an excellent chance of a safe, successful, and enduring return to sobriety.

  • When I started not giving a damn if I could recall and celebrate important milestones.
  • Recovery is about accepting that alcohol does not add to your life.
  • For many, this is one of the hardest things to do.
  • The mental obsession and physical cravings increase after the first drink, causing the person to drink more.
  • “It will be different this time, I’ll stay in the house, nothing bad will happen, I DESERVE TO DRINK, nobody understands me, on and on until disaster.

By way of illustration, imagine for a moment, a group of people who live on an annual floodplain. Every year the raging waters rise, steal away loved ones, and obliterate all they worked so hard to build. They suffer desperation and hopelessness, and they further powerless over alcohol feel shame and guilt for not having prevented catastrophic loss of life and property. But, what about their neighbors who live on higher ground, above the plain? Factually, they are as powerless against the raging floods as those whose homes were swept away.

A Life Free From Addiction Is Possible

Whether you’re looking for treatment or for aftercare options, we can point you in the right direction. Admitting powerlessness actually gives you strength. You know that alcohol is bad news for you, you are convinced, and nothing can make you return to drinking. In order to progress to steps two through twelve, you must embrace step one. You will be unable to go further in your recovery if you cannot recognize that you and alcohol do not mix.

examples of being powerless over alcohol