How to Place My First Forex Trade

Did you know, that with a spread of 2 pips, you need the market to move 12 pips in order to hit a profit target of 10 pips? At the same time, the market only needs to move 8 pips to hit a stop loss of 10 pips. Now compare 12 pips to 8 pips… that’s quite a big difference. The distance to your take What Is a Payback Period How Time Affects Investment Decisions profit is 50% further than the distance to your stop loss. A good example is the GBP/JPY (Great British pound/Japanese yen) with a spread which is about twice as wide as that of the EUR/USD. A beginner may think that it isn’t worth trading the GBP/JPY because of its relatively wide spread.

The platform has 70+ technical indicators, a host of time intervals, multiple chart types and 50+ drawing tools. XM offers MT4 and MT5 trading platforms across devices and even on the web through MT Web Trader. Simple and exponential moving averages will help you to find suitable entry points for opening and closing positions in the forex market.

best forex pair to trade

You can try the leading strategies that work and what have been proven successful by many traders. Using ATR to set a stop loss that adapts to the market’s volatility. For example, using a stop loss of 2.5 times the current ATR value. First of all, there are two directions in which you can trade – long and short . Long positions make money when the price moves higher and short positions make money when the price declines. Around 10 million of the world’s population engages in forex trading.

This will enable you to learn about the market conditions with these currencies more thoroughly and develop a more structured strategy for reaping returns. Top forex brokers offer EUR/USD as a tradable currency, making it extremely liquid. This means that traders can often buy and sell EUR/USD at extremely low spreads. The spreads for EUR/USD are often as low as 0.6% at, a leading FX broker. Etoro review uk, Forex trading can be difficult, especially for beginners who need to be made aware of the best currency pairs to trade. But traders can make more money by creating a trading plan and identifying the currencies that will work with it.


With these settings, the strategy lost $250.26 (25.26%) in four years and experienced a maximum drawdown of 27.64%. You see, if you use really tight stops with extremely wide targets, you could have a very jagged equity curve, with drawdowns beyond your comfort zone. You also stand a good chance of losing money with this type of trading.

best forex pair to trade

This means such currency trading in India is not physically settled i.e there is no actual delivery of the currency on expiry. When you ask what is currency trading meaning, you are most probably referring to currency futures trading. Currency futures allow investors to buy or sell a currency at a future date, at a previously fixed price. In forex trading, the stochastic oscillator helps recognize any trends that are likely to be a reversal. A stochastic indicator can measure the momentum by comparing the closing price and the trading range over a certain period. The Alert List is not exhaustive and is based on what was known to RBI at the time of publication. has done all the hard work for you, comparing the top brokers for reliability, speed and fees. Browse our carefully-crafted reviews to find the best Forex broker for your needs. The order is placed either with a broker or directly displayed on the interbank Forex market, where there are large players. Later in your educational curve you can learn What is Cryptocurrency as well. But if you are interested, we welcome you to jump start now.

Currency Futures and Options

You can choose any of them for happy currency trading exchange. As we summarise, we can highlight that foreign exchange trading takes place in currency pairs at the forex market. When a pair is bought, the base currency is bought in exchange for quotation currency.

best forex pair to trade

Currency trading participants comprise banks, corporations, central banks , investment management firms, hedge funds, retail forex brokers, and investors like you. To understand forex trading, it is important to know currency pairs since the buying and selling of global currencies takes place in pairs. In a pair, one currency is bought, known as base currency, in exchange of the other i.e. quote currency.

There are three Foreign Exchange Management:

Every best forex trading platform in India provides the option to exchange USD. To access the copy trade feature, users must make a minimum deposit of $200 into their account. The system charges a 1% fee when the trader opens and closes a trading position. Additionally, withdrawals on the platform are charged at a flat fee of $5. If you are after a simple forex signal service that is automated, eToro is likely your best option.

The forex market enables traders to buy, sell and exchange foreign currencies. The market also facilitates the conversion of currencies for global trade and investment. Many banks come together at the interbank market; to trade currencies directly among themselves.

  • The currency pairs are traded in the foreign exchange market – known as the forex market.
  • Top currency trading platforms are made available by currency trading brokers for the use of clients.
  • The RSI value of more than 70 shows an overbought market, while a value lower than 30 shows an oversold market.
  • You can now be protected from foreign exchange exposures through hedging.

Another common technical indicator for measuring volatility is Bollinger Band width. The forex market is rife with liquidity and even then there are certain forex pairs that take the cake in terms of liquidity and volume. Historically, EUR-USD, USD-JPY, and GBP-USD have been the most traded forex pairs followed by AUD/USD and USD/CAD. This also means that exotic pairs are known to lack liquidity and volume because they are not traded as much as other forex pairs.

This screenshot was taken from a Pepperstone Razor MT4 trading platform. Because the spread is so thin with a Razor account, we had to open a 1-minute chart for the spread to be clearly visible. You need to have an idea of how much the market needs to move in order to cover your trading fees.

OctaFx and a few other foreign FX brokers allow direct INR deposit & withdrawal. You can trade in all currency pairs supported by your FX broker. Other commonly used forex trading platforms are cTrader and Ninja Trader. MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms are the popular global forex trading platforms. Foreign forex brokers allow Indian residents to open an account and trade in different currencies, stocks, indexes, commodities and even in top cryptocurrencies.

What are Currency Pairs in Forex Trading?

Basically, there are two types of moving average; Simple moving average, and Exponential moving average. Some traders find Simple moving average effective while for other traders Simple moving average can be a very helpful tool. Moving Average while using scalping strategy in currency trading. Because, the forex market is most volatile, here the value of currencies keeps on fluctuating every second. Now let us consider a trader Mr. Z who wishes to invest in USD/JPY pairs with normal spreads. As we know there are a lot of trading strategies in the forex market and it is crucial to identify the best one.

4) No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries for refund as the money remains in investor’s account. As a forex trader, you can have any of these pairs in your portfolio. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right pairs for trading.

The governing board decides the policies to maintain economic and financial stability. As per the best brokers in India, it goes well with the Australian Dollar, USD, JPY, and such currencies. It was established in 1882 and governs policies and currency issuance. It also analyses data and the economy while keeping the market conditions in mind.

Why You Need A Forex Trading System To Succeed

The broker provides traders with a platform for conducting forex trading. Trading in the foreign exchange market takes place by clicking on the trading platform that the trader choosed. The currency pairs are traded in the foreign exchange market – known as the forex market.

Crocs are patient hunters who don’t waste energy on chasing their prey all day long. These creatures can sometimes wait days for the perfect opportunity to capture their victims. By the time you finish reading this piece you will be able to place a well-thought out trade. The bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. It has a Monetary Policy Committee responsible for deciding interest rates and monetary policy, considering the economic stability.