Best Way to Become Android Developer A Complete Roadmap

We think this is one of the best android tutorial you will find online. This training program will help you build professional, fully functional apps using Kotlin and then teach you how to submit them to the PlayStore. The trainer Mark Price helps transform students into professionals through his organization DevSlopes. He has taught over 230,000 professionals and this Kotlin course is one of their offerings. If you already have at least one year of experience, sign up for advanced courses on Android app development. I recommend Android Application Development & Programming Training to you in this category. It’s the most in-depth training in programming for Android software development I’ve ever experienced.

Is it hard to learn Android?

Android is not one of the easiest platforms to work with. To develop mobile apps for Android, you’ll need to learn to use object-oriented programming, methods, variables, and flow control. You’ll also need to learn Java, which is not an easy programming language. You must understand XML, how Android SDK works, and project structure.

To learn Android, you should read about Android development and take notes. Once you feel like you understand how Android works, try to create a very simple app. Then work your way toward more difficult projects.

Philipp Muellauer’s key strength is Android development and with this tutorial, he brings all his experience to the table with this android course online. This course has nine lectures, providing the most basic knowledge about programming and developing Android software. Lecture content is logically arranged with vivid illustrations to help students easily understand.

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You will also get a tad of info on setting up an environment for Android Studio. Job opportunities for Android experts are vast and include positions for Android app developers, engineers, quality assurance experts, UX designers, and more. Staff Software Engineer at AffirmKevin has been doing Android development for over 9 years, developing many different types of apps. In addition, Kevin has been writing articles, Tech editing books, and creating videos for Complete Android Development Lessons and LinkedIn Learning. Senior Android Developer at Halogen TVJoshua has 20 years experience as a web and mobile application developer helping launch multiple startups and grow established companies alike. His client portfolio includes Fortune 100 companies Audi, Disney, Mitsubishi, American Express, BD Pharmaceuticals, and more. Android Developer Advocate at GoogleLyla authored many of the fundamental Android samples and trainings for Android Jetpack, Kotlin and testing.

Complete Android Development Lessons

Btw, if you don’t mind investing some money while learning a useful skill like Android Application development then I also highly recommend The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course — Build 23 Apps! Edureka course counsellors and learner support agents are available 24×7 to help with your learning needs. We have a community forum for all our customers wherein you can enrich their learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing. uses JavaScript extensively to offer the best possible user experience.

Android Development Essential Training: 1 Your First App

If you already know a thing or two about Android development, you can review the content list on the left and jump right in with the part you want to learn. This website has a lot of great tutorials related to designing mostly. However, we have found this list of free Android development courses on it that are mainly text and image-based, like those of Vogella.

Complete Android Development Lessons

You don’t have to choose, as this is just one course that is one and a half hours long. All in all, there is a lot of knowledge to be had on this website to make you an Android developer. Udacity has plenty of courses and nano-degrees related to technology. And we have filtered the free ones for you in the above link out of all paid courses available on Android development.

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You will learn to create a project, navigate, run, debug, and explore some shortcuts for active development. This is an intermediate level course that focuses on graphics and virtual reality in Android. If you are a total beginner, you should take one of the other courses first as you do need some basic experience for this one. But if you want to improve the graphics quality of your Android apps to make them more appealing, then this is the course for you. Android app developers may have different software preferences based on several factors including the type of applications they work on.