Qurban SudanCommunity Engagement Programme in Garissa Kenya 2019

Community Engagement Programme in Garissa Kenya 2019

11th August 2019: This programme was organised by Warga Cakna (Community Care) from Malaysia in collaboration with Mountain of Mercy UK, Iman Care Malaysia and few other collaborators (Sabasun Hyperruncit, Manis.FM).

The aim of this program are to help needy people in remote area of the world. The programme start from 8th to 14th of August 2019.

We started this community engagement programme by distributing food parcels in two districts Bulargie and Bularkilie Village. There were Sixty five food packs had been distributed altogether. Each of food pack comprises of grains, oil and wheatflour.

Second focus of our community engagement programme is WAQAF QURAN. We managed to make very good amount collection. We achieved ahead of initial target i.e. 3000 copies. A total of 5000 copies of Holy Qur’an had been distributed.

Apart from FOOD PARCELS and WAQAF QURAN, we would be grateful to highlight that, our main focus in this community engagement programme is distributing the slaughtered cows and goats for Eid Adha Mubarak. Initially we estimated only 100 cows and 100 goats. Surprisingly, we had achieved more than 250 cows and 150 goats. It is beyond our expectation. Alhamdulillah, all of the meat were distributed to needy people all area of Garissa.

We hope this programme will benefit them on these days Eid Mubarak.

We are looking forward similar Qurbani , Aqiqah and WAQAF QURAN will be conducted here next year Eid.

Dr Suhazeli Abdullah

Head of Delegation


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